Yummy Banana Banana Bread.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wildtree's Banana Banana Bread was a big hit with my family. My children loved it so you know it's a winner. I have a few picky eaters LOL. I would definitely eat this again. Banana Banana Bread is a new favorite. In fact I've already place another order for some.

I loved that it contained no milk products as  my youngest daughter and I  are allergic to milk, I know..bummer, and there aren't many foods that contain milk derivatives that we can tolerate.  There are also no nuts in the mix though you can certainly add them if you like. Also Wildtree manufactures their own food in a peanut free facility. So when I find something good that can accommodate everyone's allergies and we all enjoy it, it's a happy day.

The mix smelled wonderful and the was very easy to prepare. You add a few ingredients and your done. I added cinnamon to the mixture. It was one of the suggestions on the pack so I wanted to try it. All in all I was very pleased.

You can find Wildtree's healthy, natural and tasty products at http://www.mywildtree.com/alice


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