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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am a happily married homeschooling mother of four. I have all girls..yes I know, a lot of hair to do LOL. I love internet marketing as it allows me to be home when necessary as my family is very important to me.

I just recently decided to join Wildtree a company that specializes in scrumptious, healthy foods. I was introduced through a friend I met on Youtube. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found on the site. High quality foods with no msg or preservatives..foods that will not cause problems with my families allergies.

I am allergic to oranges, seafood, milk and more. My husband and oldest daughter are allergic to all nuts especially peanuts. As a result we do not feed peanuts or seafood to our other children as a precaution. Since I didn't develop my milk and seafood allergies until I was in my twenties I know that one day you can be fine eating certain food and the next day you can be laying in your local emergency room having a severe reaction so we practice better safe than sorry when it comes to certain foods.

It is hard to find companies that cater to allergies and health and especially when there are so many allergies to deal with but with Wildtree it's not a problem. They carry foods that can help you get a delicious healthy dish on the table fast without hitting a drive through or dialing your local pizza place. They even have healthy cooking oils and tasty seasonings to help you create a variety of different foods. If you like slow cooker (crock pot) meals, they offer those too. I love to cook so to my family this is a blessing to find such great products. That is why I joined because if I can share these products with others and earn it is a win-win for all involved.


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