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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Does it feel like that no sooner than you click yes to a new friend, on whatever social site your on, that you instantly receive an invite to join their business? Or Do you receive business opportunity invites from people who aren't even on your friend list? I have been through this many times and frankly I find it irritating.

This strategy doesn't appeal to many people. Not many want a business shoved in their face. It's not the way to get them interested especially if they have had no prior contact with this person. They know nothing about the one inviting and the one inviting knows nothing about them. This method is actually very offensive to many people and they have a term for it....Spam. (Spam is not only the act of sending the same message over and over. It is also the act of sending unsolicited business invites to those on social networking sites without obtaining their permission first.)

Network Marketing is about building relationships, it's a people business. You have to get to know the person to trust them. If you had a choice to join a great business and two people were offering it to you would you join under the person you've been building a relationship with for a while or with the person who just spammed you 30 seconds after you accept their friend request.

Logically most would go with the person they have been building trust with. Trust is something that must be earned and takes time. No matter how good the opportunity seems there are people who will not join or even take a look at what is offered simply because they weren't given the chance to get to know the person. They were spammed. So they trash the unwanted email or message . They have no trust for the unknown person offering a business invite. They see no reason to take a chance.

With all the scams out there on the internet a shrewd person will want to know all aspects of what they are getting involved in ..beginning with who they are getting into business with. Many have been scammed in the past and are not willing to jump everytime they see a "great opportunity." It makes it harder for those of us with legitimate opportunities because people become jaded to the next great thing, but once they get to know and trust you they may become interested and ask you about your business.

So if you're going to do it..then do it right. You will receive better results.


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