Do you have what the people want?

Friday, February 19, 2010

This post is not limited to Wildtree but is in general.

Do you have a strong love for your product? That's nice but what really matters is if you have something people want, need or just have to have.

Is it something that will keep them coming back for more?

If the answer is no then think about it like this...

Ex. Let's say you are selling a tool kit. Men love tools so that should sell like hotcakes..right. Also let's generously say that you earn 50% on each tool kit you sell.

How many times will one person need to purchase the same tool kit for them self? Once if it is a good one. If it's not then I'm sure they won't be coming back to you to purchase another. In a nutshell you have to constantly find new people to purchase in order to earn.

A consumable product is something that can be used up and needs to be replenished or replaced.

Now let's say you are selling cookies. People love cookies and what do they do when they buy them? They eat them. Once eaten the cookies are gone and need to be replaced. If they are really good cookies that same person will purchase from you again and again. You will earn from that one person over and over. Imagine if you have more customers and they all do the same thing.
For those that have a consumable product...

Is it remarkable..again is it what the people want? Does your company make xyz better than any other company does or offer something that no other company does and is that product in demand?

Is the price competitive?

Ex. If you are selling vitamins for $120.99 and someone else has a similar product that is selling for $45 where do you think the consumer is going.

Just something to think about. Wildtree  products are delicious, healthy and consumable.


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